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To search for a company employees on Facebook, we need to know the company ID (a long number). Here is how to obtain the ID for a company.

I will be using Google as an example; the hack will work for any company if you replace “google” with your company name in the following steps.

First, let’s look for the page corresponding to our company by searching for Employers named “Google” with this Graph Search link:

Here is what it looks like. The arrow in the screenshot points to the most popular result – that is the page for Google. We need to find that pages’ ID.

The URL for the Google company page is; the ID is not part of it, but we will find it shortly.

To find the ID, let’s go to the company page Right-mouse-click on the logo and copy the link for the logo:

The copied link looks like this: The middle number on the link (104958162837 in this case) is the company ID! That’s it.

Now we can search for Google employees using the ID, like this:

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  1. I came by this post via paired sourcing’s youtube channel, so shout out to those guys. Great tip, thank you for sharing! I was tinkering around with this to see if I could get it to work for schools – I’m not smart enough to figure it out – any ideas?

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