Two Interesting Sourcing Tools

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I want to share two Chrome extensions that I have started using recently – and I like them!

ZAPinfo (formerly WebClipDrop) is a unique combination of a web scraper combined with data enrichment software. ZAPinfo:

  • Collects and parses profiles or resumes from Social Networks, Job Boards, and other sites
  • Enriches the records with contact and social info – I use this functionality as a back-up to contact-finding tools like ContactOut
  • Exports to CSV; it can also fill out forms for you

You can find a (substantial) list of sites that ZAPinfo works with here.

Here is a screenshot of a ZAPinfo window with enriched information from a LinkedIn profile of my friend Jim Stroud (hope he doesn’t mind):


Instant Data Scraper by is a scraper that works amazingly well out-of-the-box. It crawls “listing type” data from multiple pages. The tool uses AI to detect tabular or listing type data on web pages. All you have to do to start scraping is point it to the “Next” button. You can export the results in Excel format.

Here is a screenshot of a site and the Instant Data Scraper export:

You can find videos on both tools on the excellent UnTECH Youtube channel by Bret Feig.

Are you interested in an updated review and comparison of all the top Sourcing Tools available? Check out the webinar “Sourcing Productivity Tools” in our Training Library.


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