Did You Notice? New Ways to X-Ray LinkedIn

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Several months ago, LinkedIn changed the member public profile pages. For members who have listed current jobs on their profiles, the profiles now include:

  • Job titles,
  • Company names.

Googlebot has been catching up on the new page titles, and we can take advantage of that!

So now we can X-Ray LinkedIn for people’s job titles and companies using the operator intitle:. Here are a couple of simple examples:

site:linkedin.com/in OR site:linkedin.com/pub -pub.dir intitle:”chief financial officer” (people with the title “Chief Financial Officer”)

site:linkedin.com/in OR site:linkedin.com/pub -pub.dir intitle:facebook (people who work at Facebook).

Please note though, that members without a current job do not have the company names or job titles as part of their profile pages titles, as this search shows.

We have updated Social List to take advantage of the change. Check it out if you haven’t!


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