LinkedIn Job Search Flaw and a Fix

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The LinkedIn job search has a serious flaw. Let me share what it is – and how to work around it.

When we are logged into LinkedIn and go to the job search at, we have access to many advanced filters:

Do you know what is missing here? The ability to search by the job title! All we can do is search by the keywords, that can be found in the title, but also anywhere in the job posts. It’s rather bizarre that the job title search filter is not there.

So here is how to work around the missing feature. Log out of LinkedIn and go back to the same link You will see a different search dialog:

As you scroll down, you will see that now the job title search filter is present!

Additionally, the logged-out dialog provides twice as many values to search from in each filter – ten, compared to five values in the logged-in dialog, which is another advantage.

So here is a summary.

Job Search on LinkedIn – Logged-In vs. Logged-Out

  • Both allow to search for:
    • Location
    • Company
    • Date Posted
    • Job Type
    • Job Function
    • Industry
    • Experience Level
  • Logged-in allows searching for jobs with fewer than ten applicants
  • Logged-out allows to search for job titles – missing in the logged-in!
  • Logged-out shows twice as many options for each search filter (10 vs. 5)

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  1. Very interesting find, but a wholly unnecessary distinction on LinkedIn’s part. To create a disadvantage for a logged-in user vs. logged-out seems so counterintuitive if their goal is to motivate member usage. I would love someone from their jobs product team explain the rationale on this one!

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      I agree with you. It seems like an unintentional omission – which, of course – the QA team should have pointed out.
      By the way, if you first search in incognito, copy the URL and then paste in a logged-in window, the search will be performed correctly. In the URL, “f_T=” points to a title. For example, “&f_T=10” looks for jobs with Engineer in the title.


  2. Just wondering if they are trying to make a Jobseeker Paid LinkedIn account more appealing to users then the free account? Wonder if they show this additional filters when you buy a Jobseeker subscription? Anyone has that subscription that could check?

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  3. Interesting find! Hopefully us posting this does not mean they will get rid of that feature.. may be due to the paid version for job-seekers!

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      I hope they won’t 🙂
      All LinkedIn members get the same job search dialog, it’s not related to any subscription, including job seekers’.

  4. This is interesting because there are also differences in the LinkedIn Job Search App when you are logged in vs when you are not. Neither way gives you the Title field but logging in gives you access to the complete Industry & Job Function lists instead of only showing a few then making you type in additional ones.

    Thank you for the great info once again 🙂

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  5. I still find that it doesnt bring up jobs with specific titles. So frustrating. With Indeed, it is so easy. For example if you want a specific word in the job title.

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