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As so many of you have encountered, using more than a few ANDs or ORs in a LinkedIn query now results in this screen:

(We can still use multiple NOT operators – those are not restricted). I wrote about the unfortunate restriction in a previous post.

Don’t feel like upgrading to a more expensive LinkedIn account? I have great news for you. You can stay with a basic account and work around the Boolean limitations.

AND Workaround

This one is easy. Just don’t use AND explicitly.

Java AND spring AND rest AND aws AND nosql AND “elastic search”  AND microservices doesn’t work, but

Java spring rest aws nosql “elastic search” microservices – does.

OR Workaround

The inability to use multiple OR statements seriously affects everyone who searches for professionals.

I have come up with a workaround that will return this functionality to you! You will be able to search for long OR statements without the restrictions.

Due to the sensitivity of the subject, I am not posting this hack publicly.

We have included the workaround, along with lots of other useful “hacks” (including some useful undocumented search operators and more) in the webinar Overcoming LinkedIn’s Limitations.



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      Not all is lost! You just need to put parentheses around search terms and remove the spaces after NOT, and it works.

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