Two Undocumented LinkedIn Search Operators

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LinkedIn supports two search operators that they have never documented. There are no blog posts about the operators either; this is the first one. The operators are available in any basic or premium account.

Using the operators would substantially increase your productivity while searching. Take a look.

Undocumented Operator skills:

Syntax: skills:<skill-name>

Example: skills:boolean
(finds people with the skills “Boolean Search,” “Boolean Searching”).

Interestingly, searching for

skills:”<word1> <word2> <word3>…”

looks for each of the words somewhere in the skills (but not for a phrase). It’s and AND search within the skills.

The ability to search for skills (which is only “officially” available in LinkedIn Recruiter) helps us to create more targeted searches.


Undocumented Operator headline:

Syntax: headline:<keywords>

Example: headline:Python

Note: this is only available in a personal account (not in LinkedIn Recruiter!) I have a Recruiter subscription but I search this way in the personal account and get extra leads.

Like skills:, headline: searches for each keyword to be present, not a phrase.

Uses of the headline search are multiple. For example, we can search for members who are open to new opportunities, or hiring, or those who have listed a specific skill in the headline, for example, Python.

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