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Not only has LinkedIn restricted Boolean ANDs and ORs in its basic and premium accounts, but it has also now restricted the NOT operator as well.

In the help document Boolean Query Limitations they are saying: “While we do limit the amount of AND or OR Boolean operators, we don’t limit the amount of NOT Boolean operators.” Well, the last part is now wrong. Just try searching for engineer NOT senior NOT manager NOT director NOT recruiter NOT cto NOT ceo and you will get no results (while there should be plenty). Please make a note of it.

I have been sharing a LinkedIn OR workaround based on expressing the Boolean OR through the Boolean NOT. (It was a fun one!) Please note, that workaround no longer works.

However, sourcers never give up. We have come up with a brand new LinkedIn OR workaround that makes any OR query work. We have also figured out how to fix the NOT queries. We are sharing the working workaround in our new eBook “Sourcing Hacks”, just released! Check it out!


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  1. Thank you for this. I have never actually found the NOT function to work in LinkedIn. I also find sometimes that the AND function produces more results and the OR function produces less results, the opposite of what they’re both meant to do! Immensely frustrating.

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