Four Major LinkedIn Sourcing Hacks

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Here are some LinkedIn Sourcing News.

  1. In case you haven’t noticed: LinkedIn has quietly introduced a “People” tab to its Company pages, like this one: (It is similar to the Alumni pages). We can search by location, school, the field of study, job function, skills, and connection level. It’s quite useful, especially if you are looking at some stats.
  2. The*/people pages do accept LinkedIn search operators! Example.
  3. So do the Alumni search pages. Example.
  4. I have discovered another undocumented LinkedIn search operator, in addition to thesefieldsofstudy:The operator takes one or more Field of Study codes as an argument, for example, fieldsofstudy:100892;“100189” is the code for the Computer Science major. You can find other codes to use in a search by playing with a company “people” dialog like

Happy Sourcing!







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  1. Thanks Irina! I’ve noticed the people tab already. One question: Do you know whether these searches on Company and Alumni pages count against the commercial search limit?

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      Excellent question! I don’t think these searches contribute to the commercial search limit but need to test.

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