The Job Function Hack

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So, LinkedIn operators have briefly reappeared last week and are now gone again. Oh well.

Let me show you a LinkedIn search hack I have found that does currently work, and that is – searching by the job function. To use the hack, you need to know LinkedIn codes for job functions, and they are as follows:

Code Description
1 Accounting
2 Administrative
3 Arts and Design
4 Business Development
5 Community & Social Services
6 Consulting
7 Education
8 Engineering
9 Entrepreneurship
10 Finance
11 Healthcare Services
12 Human Resources
13 Information Technology
14 Legal
15 Marketing
16 Media & Communications
17 Military & Protective Services
18 Operations
19 Product Management
20 Program & Product Management
21 Purchasing
22 Quality Assurance
23 Real Estate
24 Research
25 Sales
26 Support

To search by a job function, add &facetCurrentFunction=<value> to your search URL – that’s it.

Example: this is a search for people with keywords plant and manufacturing, whose job function is Operations.

This is a search for Vice Presidents whose job function is Engineering.

If you wanted to search for two or more functions at the same time, you can do so by appending (for example) &facetCurrentFunction=[“16″,”17″,”20”] to the search URL. Example.

The job function search hack produces the same results as LinkedIn Recruiter (except in Recruiter, you cannot combine functions). Keep in mind that it is a calculated (vs. entered by the user) field, and LinkedIn’s judgment at times may not coincide with yours.

You will find many other hacks in the second edition of our ebook “Sourcing Hacks”. 😉 For an interactive presentation, come to our webinar on July 2nd!


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