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While Google has posted a blog about college search, they did not tell us how to get to that advanced college search dialog, which looks like this for me:

You can search through tons of useful info – Program, Location, Average cost. Tuition, Type, State, Acceptance rate, Size, and Campus setting.

The secret to getting to this dialog is adding this piece – &ibp=htl;splinter – to your search URL. This was my search.

The new capability doesn’t work outside of the US yet (you will see a “not supported” dialog if you are outside of the US) and shows US schools only. But I expect it will be expanded globally. If you want to use the university dialog and are located outside of the US, run one of the IP address changers such as Tunnelbear.

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  1. This is great, I’m planning to study in US and this will save me so much time.. Tried it with Nordvpn and it worked (for a student, nord is great as there are youtubers who give coupons for discounts), yet most likely any vpn that has US servers will do. You probably saved me a lot of hours, I really appreciate it!

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