Webinar “Sourcing Skills Assessment and Development”, Now with Recording

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You are invited to a rare free webinar on Wednesday, January 22nd “Sourcing Skills Assessment and Development”.
[Edited: the webinar is over; please find the materials at the end of the article]
Are you interested in assessing your or your team’s sourcing skills? Or are you looking for interview questions for new Recruiter hires? Or have you decided to get Certified in Sourcing? Then this webinar is for you. Everyone is invited; please share it with your colleagues!
The webinar coincides with the release of our eBook “Sourcing Answers”, outlining our sourcing skills assessment methodology and providing 120 sourcing challenges and solutions. The book is a new addition to our exam-taking offering; we have been certifying professional Sourcers globally for eight years.
In the presentation, we will share our experience designing and grading exams, assessing recruiting teams, and lessons learned. We will share our methodology, six core areas of proficiency that we test, and sample exam questions from the book.
Everyone who signs up will have a chance to win the new eBook “Sourcing Answers” (one of five copies).
Wednesday webinar outline:
  • Sourcing Function and Metrics in Recruitment
  • Sourcing Skill Assessment Methodology
  • Six Core Areas of Competence
  • Assessment and Interview Aid: new eBook “Sourcing Answers” (120 Questions and Solutions)
  • Example Questions
  • Strengthen Your Skills – Get Educated
  • Get Certified
  • Assessment, Certification, and Education for Teams
Hope to “see” you there!
P.S. Thanks to everyone who came to the presentation! We only announced two days prior – and almost 600 people signed up, 300 logged in live, and we went through many questions (and answers) from the audience.
Access the materials here:

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