Dealing with the Sales Navigator Death

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So many professionals on all social channels are complaining about the imminent loss of the Gmail Sales Navigator extension that it is hard to believe LinkedIn that the tool was underused.

While there are many tools identifying people by email, the power of the extension was that it matched exactly right, for obvious reasons.

Not all is lost, though! Here are some options:

1) Look up contacts with Outlook 365
2) You can find a person from an email in LinkedIn Recruiter (or do so for a list). The import function got much worse in the “new” version but will still work with 50 records or so (vs. 5K in the “old” version).
3) You can upload a list to your personal account, then check this link – This function has been there forever, is buggy, and seems to have been forgotten. There are no ways to delete people from the list and no sensible order when it shows profiles. With a bit of a volume, it becomes a challenge to recognize “who is who.” However, with the increased need, we should revisit it. (And perhaps come up with some automation as well).

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