Sales Navigator and LinkedIn Recruiter Import Replacement – with a Basic Account!

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We all dearly miss the free Sales Navigator extension and the related link to cross-reference emails. When LinkedIn announced that they are removing the SN Chrome extension, I posted a blog commenting on the Sales Navigator Death.

LinkedIn Recruiter (the “old” version) has an import function, which they call “Talent Pipeline,” capable of cross-referencing massive email lists at a time. But it’s available only to subscribers. And, the function was made into something much less powerful in the “new” Recruiter.

Now I am going to explain how you can do individual and mass-cross-referencing LinkedIn profiles against the emails they are registered with, just with a Basic or Professional account.

In the post on discontinuation of SN, I suggested looking more in-depth into uploading lists of emails to your LinkedIn account. You can upload emails from a CSV file or sync your Gmail.

At the time of the March post, all we had available to access the uploaded info was this link – Unfortunately, it only displays so many contacts, and there is no search. (You can also download the “Contacts” as part of your LI archive in preferences, but it no longer shows the names of people associated with email addresses.)

However, recently I ran across this function, which is new. It shows everyone uploaded (you have to scroll to see more). People who are identified by emails show the names, titles, and companies; those not identified show only an email address. The great thing is that you can now search within those imported contacts:

It is an interesting search function – clearly, they search within the beginnings of words. The search is performed in three fields:

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Part of the email before @ (but not the email domain),

as shown in the screenshot:

(Apparently, the search is a bit buggy and shows duplicate results.)

So, here is what you can do. Create a CSV file with email address(es) in question and upload it to your personal LinkedIn. For the emails identified you will see the pictures, names, titles, and companies, but not the emails. Nevertheless, it is not hard to find any person in question using the search since we have the uploaded file to check with.

More technical users can review the search page source code and get straight to all identified profiles from the uploaded list. Email addresses are invisible on the LinkedIn page but are present in the HTML code. Here is an example:

A person’s email address and his/her LI ID are both stored in HTML. Once you have the ID, you can go to the profile appending the ID to, like It won’t be hard to write a script to collect those from the HTML code.

So that the new function allows us to identify someone on LI by an email address like SN Extension (former Rapportive) AND ALSO cross-reference whole email lists, as the old LIR does!

Finally, if you are interested in scraping results from “Contacts” into a table, get in touch with Andre Bradshaw. He has written some code for downloading results.

Enjoy! 🙂


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