Digital Passes for Online Sourcing Learning Day Are Available

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Hello Sourcers:

Did you miss the Online Sourcing Learning Day on May 6th? We got a big international crowd and awesome reviews, see below.
Not all is lost! 😉 You can now order a “digital pass” which provides access to six (6) hours of recordings and sets of slides from seven international Master Sourcers here –

-> <-

– it is available to those who couldn’t attend the event live. And before you ask, yes, you can keep the materials.

We have made it affordable. I would say the digital pass will supply you with the most practical sourcing info you can get for the price anywhere.

All the speakers are experienced practitioners; our topics cover both concepts and hands-on techniques. Together, the diverse presentations would improve your future experience and sourcing outcomes. But expect to review the material since it is packed with tips and things to practice!

(If you attended on May 6th, please feel free to share your feedback in the comments).

With any questions, PM me or email [email protected]

The rest of my post is to show off a bit. 🙂

So, we did something right. (I think it was the content as well as speaker personalities.) The event had 234 attendees from 23 countries! Speaker’s average rate was ~7.90 out of 10, with higher scores for different speakers varying between submitters. Here are a few random quotes from participants:

  • Well done! I would most definitely attend future events and would also encourage and recommend to others as well.
  • Great information and training.
  • Great and super practical. Though sometimes the pace was a bit fast.
  • Learned new content, re-established other, de-mystified more!
  • I loved the more informal platform and accessibility to each speaker.
  • Great content, a range of areas, all valuable. I loved the depth while covering breadth. Excellent presenters.
  • Excellent! Very detailed and clear, just keep it that way.
  • I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn good sourcing practices.
  • Funny, friendly and useful 🙂
  • Awesome. Very clearly communicated and presented.
  • Interactive presentation, with concrete examples and easy to follow, even from a total beginner.
  • 6 hours evening EU time session, very focused was extremely useful. An online format works perfectly.
  • Solid takeaways and new innovative sourcing techniques from every speaker. Highly recommend it!

P.S. This was our first event, and we feel it was a success. So now we plan to repeat OSLD with different content, stay tuned! In August, maybe.

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