Massive Discovery of Work Emails

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Here is how to get hundreds of target email addresses in a short time without spending anything.

First, identify, by X-Raying the contact database, companies with a 100% format use. In my case, it is Healthcare companies in NYC. After I scrape a list from a Google search, it looks like this:

Now, if I know that someone with the right job title who lives in NYC, has over two years of experience, and works for one of these employers, I need to only have their name to be sure that I can reach them by email.

I search on LinkedIn for a Boolean OR of employers, which in my case looks like this:

I combine it with my target job titles = “registered nurse” OR “clinical research coordinator”, the NYC location, two-plus years of experience, and one-plus years at the current employer. For all these people, I am confident that they have a high chance to match and that I can reach them.

Here is one such search:

I have spent about two hours finding employers, scraping names, cleaning and manipulating data in Excel, built my string in our LinkedIn String Builder, scraped it for names and employers, and got 874 potential candidates I can reach with a close to 100% certainty. (Where else can you get that sort of ROI?) Now I can decide to either work outside of LinkedIn and email them or upload them to Recruiter and message from there. Note that I do not need to be on LinkedIn to email them.

Lesson learned, corporate recruiters: messing up your company email formats is an excellent way to retain employees! 😉 I haven’t seen this methodology mentioned before.

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