How to Visually Find Certified Professionals

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In Platonic philosophy, Anamnesis is the idea that humans possess innate knowledge (perhaps acquired before birth) and that learning consists of rediscovering that knowledge from within.

Sometimes, when I run into seemingly new sourcing methods, it seems like I knew them before and now remembered. Of course, part of it could be recalling a clever blog post in relation to the current challenge. 🙂

This just came up for me, in response to someone’s question about searching for AWS certification holders. Here is an approach that works great now, but didn’t 8-10 years ago (when I likely read about it) because fewer of certification logos were displayed anywhere.

Reverse-image-search using someone’s certification logo and find others:

Make sure to try Yandex reverse image search – it’s the top one currently.

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  1. Irrespective of this specific example (though it’s a good one to illustrate), kudos for 2 important broader points: 1) it may take a while for certain online content to reach critical mass, so it’s worth revisiting some past methods to exploit that change; 2) Yandex has great reverse image search! We appreciate the useful posts. Please keep it going!

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