Hack: Find LinkedIn Members by Company Size

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Recruiter is the only LinkedIn account offering member search by company size. We used to have it in business accounts some years ago – remember this dialog above? –  and now it is gone. We used to be able to search for companies by size but now Sales Navigator is the only account allowing that.

Here is how to search for LinkedIn members by company size by X-Raying, using a technique similar to this.

Step 1. Let us start with company pages X-Ray. This search –

“51-200 employees” site:linkedin.com/company “new york” “hedge fund”

– will find Hedge Funds in New York employing between 51 and 200 people. To proceed with searching for people who work at these companies you could scrape the company names and run an “OR” of them. However, various Boolean limitations, both on LinkedIn and Google, can make this cumbersome. You can search for current and past employees of these identified companies in a better (and fun) fashion.

Let us modify the above search by going to Images and restricting results to LinkedIn and images size 200 by 200 (which is both company and school standard LinkedIn logo sizes).

Now you have a collection of company logos used on LinkedIn.

Step 2. Drag each company logo into the reverse image search box and add your member search parameters (site:linkedin.com/in plus a job title, skills, or location):

Note that this search will find both past and present employees of the company. Since the current company name is in the profile page title, you can also look for companies past but not present with this technique by adding -intitle:<job title> to your search.

You can apply the exact same technique to search for schools’ alumni.

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