X-Ray LinkedIn for the Length of Employment and Five More Filters

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For the obvious reason, recruiters do not want to see profiles of people who have been employed for less than a year at the current company. The X-Ray technique I describe below allows you to:

  1. Narrow down to longer-term employees
  2. Search better for #opentowork
  3. Narrow to location
  4. Search within the Headline
  5. Search for a keyword within the current job description
  6. Search by school and years of graduation.

Once you follow the steps, you may not need the expensive Recruiter or Sales Navigator subscription! This is free and unlimited.

Here is the idea: if you scrape fields of interest, such as the length of employment, from each result and export that, you can filter out those who:

  1. recently started working at a new employer
  2. liked someone’s #opentowork status or one of “people also viewed” had it on the profile
  3. have worked at the location but live elsewhere
  4. filter by the headline
  5. scrape the last job description and filter by it
  6. scrape school name(s) and filter by it
  7. same with the school dates.

As always, be careful when scraping.

As many times before, there is nothing new in the hack, except you now have a choice of five intelligent scraping tools that do not require coding and facilitate deep filtered search.

Who does not like hacks like this?

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  1. Is there an xray for this I’m missing? Or is the idea to just scrape and filter? Would love to know how to X-ray for years of employment and location more reliably

    1. Post

      It is nearly impossible to X-Ray for years of employment. If you search for other terms, scrape, and filter, you will get exactly the right results.

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