Hack: How to Get More Than 1,000 Results on Google #OSINT

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While the official displayed results limit is one thousand, these days Google searches never produce more than 300-500 results. But today, I ran into something interesting: you still can get many more results, and even more than a thousand.

The secret is to also search in Images.

If you thought that when you switch to images on Google’s search screen it will pick the indexed images from the displayed results and show in the same order, you are wrong. As we have already learned, images is a different database.

I have switched to Image search, collected results, and compared with the general search results in some tests to arrive at the following:

  1. In images, you can get a lot more results – close to 1,000!
  2. Results in “all” and images overlap very little! If you combine them, you will easily get over a thousand results.

A search that I ran in one of the tests was as follows:

The results were astonishing. Google search brought in about 350 profiles. Image search – almost 800. And, the overlap was only 14 profiles. So, combined, I got over 1,100 results.

How do you collect, combine, deduplicate, and filter results?

It is straightforward if you use scraping tools. Join us for a class on December 8, 2020 to learn about them!

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