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LinkedIn used to limit messages to your Group members to 15 per month. This restriction is gone. If you have a basic or business account, you can message fellow group members without restrictions.

However, Group member search only offers finding people by name. How do you find group members who match a professional requirement?

Here is a way I came up with. You can do an advanced LinkedIn people search for your filters. One of the filters is “connections”, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level. There is no option to search for group members. To do so, all you need is adding &network=[“A”] to the end of the search URL. Add it after you have searched for other values – searching for your group members at start will break the other filters.

Here is an example search with some filters that would show people you can message – 1st connections and group members.

(BTW, if you want to see a “clean” URL, use a URL decoding tool like this. The above search URL will become more readable, like this:[“1441”]&geoUrn=[“102095887”]&network=[“F”,”A”]&title=manager. Here, &network=[“F”,”A”] stands for the first level connections and group members.)

There is a number of clicks to send a message to someone in the search results. If you go to their profile, you will see groups in common, then you can go there, find the person, and message.

But it beats InMails because it is free.

Combined with the search operators, it makes a business account an excellent option for sourcing. You can also learn to find members’ contact information in the upcoming class Find Anyone’s Contact Info on May 13, 2021.

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