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Searching for professionals on At this time, business and personal users have the most powerful – but not officially documented – search ways and filters and cross-referencing ability, exceeding (the expensive) Recruiter’s.

You can search for unique filters such as headlines and self-entered skills, and combine other filters such as company size, type, years of experience, or at school in Boolean expressions. The Boolean “limitations” can be overcome with modified search syntax. You can upload and cross-reference up to 10K (!) email addresses vs. Recruiter’s 200.

The extra sourcing power is not documented in LinkedIn’s Help.

Take a look at this comparison and join our webinar to learn all about LinkedIn Sourcing.

Search Filter/Account Type Basic or Business RPS and LinkedIn Recruiter
First/Last Name X X
Network Relationship X X
Industry X X
Headline X*
Current Title (Boolean) X X
Current Company (Boolean) X X
Current Company (Checkbox) X X
Past Company (Boolean) X
Past Company (Checkbox) X X
Years at Current Position/Company X
Years of Experience X* X
Company Size X* X
Company Type X* X
School (Boolean) X
School (Checkbox) X
Years of Study X* X
Field of Study X* X
Degree X
Profile Language X X
Spoken Language X* X
Self-entered Skills X*
Calculated Skills X
My Groups X* X
All Groups X
Location (by place name) X X
Location (zip, radius) X
Connections of X
Seniority X* X
Job Function X* X
Recently Joined X

* use the hidden search operators

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  1. In Google how to search for

    Current Title = “Manager M&A Tax” AND Location = “Greater Chicago Area” AND Company = KPMG

    1. Post

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