Googling for Invisible Words

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Sometimes, Google indexes words from the pages’ source code that do not appear on pages. This includes the alt tag, dd tag, and a few other cases.

Here are some practical search examples. You can utilize the hidden-but-found words well in LinkedIn X-Ray!

  1. Find LinkedIn members by job location. (This is not possible on LinkedIn, even in keywords). “work location * san francisco bay area”
  2. “I accept direct messages and business inquiries by anyone on LinkedIn for free, even if we’re not connected.”
  3. People recommended by Donna “Click here to view Donna Svei, Executive Resume Writer’s profile”
  4. Companies past and present “ibm graphic”; only past – “ibm graphic” -intitle:ibm
  5. Schools – went to Princeton “princeton graphic” -intitle:princeton
  6. Group members “sourcing summit graphic”
  7. Certifications “Google AdWords Search certification graphic”
  8. Associations “women in technology graphic” “director of engineering”
  9. Service providers “work preference”
  10. Companies past and present “google logo”
  11. “google logo”

Fun, huh?

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