Four Sourcing Process Steps

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I want to share the steps I have been taking that get additional candidates to respond in this difficult market. It is part of my sourcing process.

STEP 1. Collect LinkedIn profile URLs of potential candidates. (Make sure they look like a definite match.)

  • If you have LinkedIn Recruiter, use its export.
  • If you do not, an option is using SalesQL since the tool accumulates all profiles you view in a document (where it is easy to filter), and you can export from there. Or, use a scraper.

STEP 2. Upload the list to SalesQL, and it will enrich the list with contact emails (and phones, too). Export the enriched list. You can now send a mass email or start calling, but you can also:

STEP 3. Get all email addresses from the exported file. To save time, I copy all of it into Julia’s Email Extractor – it captures multiple emails for the same person. Create a CSV file with first and last names (could be anything) and the emails.

STEP 4. Upload the CSV file to Contacts. Invite to connect the identified members. You can manually check the “include in invitation” checkboxes or find a script to do so.

Regularly check for those who have accepted and message them. The process does not take very long since many steps are automated.

I do not have huge statistics since many of my projects are “list generation,” but we got some extra people to interview for our recruiting openings.


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