Sadly, 8 Months Later, Search Remains Broken

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We so much depend on the platform. But people search remains broken for everyone with a premium, job seeker, or a basic account. LinkedIn does not find members by keywords in the “About” section and job description. It has been over eight months. 🙁

Here are just a few examples. You will not find David Galley by the phrase in About – “blending cutting edge technology”:

Nor will you find him by the phrase in the job description – “a series of training courses” (or series of training courses david galley).

We see no rhyme or reason for what the search algorithm does, or what LinkedIn Software Developers do.

Please tweet this to @LinkedInHelp; thanks!

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  2. It is still broken. I did contact support and it is a very frustrating experience. They are no closer to fixing it now than when you wrote this article

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