Who Else Wants to Overcome the Invite Limit of 100?

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Invitations from recruiters have become a standard practice on LinkedIn. So have invitations related to potentially doing any business together. If an invitation is accepted, a conversation starts.

However, LinkedIn notifications have poor deliverability, and “passive” candidates often miss our messages and invitations. It helps to invite a larger volume of potential matches and follow-up by email.

The following method meets the goal: it does not have the limit of 100 invitations per week and provides you with emails. It has somewhat changed since the UX lost the uploading a file button.

Start with a list of promising email addresses. They may come from your ATS, other social sites, X-Raying for lists, enriching LinkedIn X-Ray with SalesQL, and other sources.

STEP 1. Upload the list of emails to a Gmail account (make sure to clear out the existing list before uploading).

As a bonus, you will see non-generic pictures by the valid emails:

STEP 2. Remove existing LinkedIn Contacts.

STEP 3. Sync with Gmail Contacts.

See the identified non-connections:

You can start connecting here, but only with a limited number of members.

STEP 4. Connect to any number of members (one by one; it helps to review the profiles) from Contacts. You cannot customize the initial message, but this way is scalable.

STEP 5. You have their emails as well for follow-ups, and can personalize your outreach. (You can InMail them also.)

This technique will work for lists of thousands if desired.

STEP 6. Join me on Wednesday, September 21st, for a new webinar How to Find Hidden LinkedIn Profiles! David Galley follows with an optional practice on Thursday.





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      Hi Andre,

      It still works. It could be that something has happened to your account’s data. Remove all contacts. Try a different browser, a different Gmail. Wait a few days. Use a different account 😉

  1. Thanks Irina,
    Already tried a lot of those :
    Wait one week twice (reset of 100)
    Wait one month once (reset monthly locks like 3 profils display on a search)
    Tried virgin browser several time
    wait a few days too
    Tried also one different gmail account
    None of those worked for me.
    Will try to remove some old invitation (the accounts have more than 5000 invitations pending). Will make some dev on the DOM to do it easily.
    Will try also an other email provider than Gmail (Yahoo, Outlook or Gmail)

    1. Hi Andre

      LinkedIn has kind of “shadow ban” after 1500 pending invitations
      It will just completely disable your ability to invite any profiles further (incuding imported contacts invitations)
      In this case I would recommend to clear your pending invitations page to something around 500 most recent and try to sync to gmail again. I met similar case several time and this is what helped me.
      Also there are different tools for LinkedIn that provide different workarounds for weekly invitation limit, for the refference – https://bit.ly/3EuAlKk

      1. Thank you for your feedback Alex,

        I already removed ALL my pending invitations, it doesn’t work either.
        I have got the same problem for 3 accounts (of course they are not on the same browser :)).

        Thank you also for the Link, i don’t use external tools, i dev all my tools by myself.

  2. Doesn’t work either with an outlook email nor a yahoo one (so the bug is not on the gmail side).

    Last try : remove old invitation and maybe wait monday.

    1. Post
  3. Hello,
    I made a support request. LinkedIn confirmed me there is an issue with no date for patch.
    I also tried another time with a virgin account with a new google account (9000 contacts), same bug on import.

    Here is the LinkedIn support message :

    We have confirmed the issue and please be assured as we have escalated it to our Technical Escalations and Engineering teams for investigation. At this time, there’s no estimate as to how long it might take to resolve. We’ll do our best to provide progress updates as they become available.

    Sometimes technical glitches take sometime to fix but please be assured as I will share the update as soon as I receive an answer from them. Until then I request your patience & understanding. Members like you have made LinkedIn the professional network it is and we value your patience & cooperation!

    Thank you.

  4. Had a new feedback from LinkedIn Teams :
    They confirmed again the bug and it is going to be corrected first half of december.

    Great ! 🙂

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