Are You ChatGPT Addicted Too?

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ChatGPT is is a fascinating tool, utilizing AI at a level not seen before. It is not only going to change how people Google but will affect job functions and ruin software. Apparently, it can write essays, poems, fictional short stories, software code, create, and solve quizzes. (What are some other use cases have you thought of?) It works in many languages.

As I am preparing for the upcoming free Healthcare Sourcing webinar for Recruiters, I have thought of a few applications – not necessarily industry-dependent:

  1. Create an email template to potential candidates:

2. Learn how to interview:

3. Write a job post:

4. Research:

5. More research:

6. More research:

However, when I asked ChatGPT to look for candidates matching a job description, it crashed! Industry still needs humans to source.

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on December 13th at 8 AM PST. (More about it.)

And I think this one is just perfect!

A poem about non-responding candidates 😀
Darkness gathers o’er the land
As recruiters seek their next hire,
But silence reigns where once was fire
As candidates fail to take the stand.
They once were eager, full of hope
But now they’ll not return a call,
Their silence speaks, a damning toll
On recruiters who must now cope.
Alas, the job hunt is a game
Of cat and mouse, of hide and seek,
The candidates’ indifference, a leak
In recruiters’ plans, a bitter shame.
But still they persevere, undaunted
For in the end, a great hire will be found
Their persistence pays, their dreams abound
As they triumph over the non-responding.

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