Facebook Page Hurdles

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I have recently started managing my AI image Facebook page, The Prompter. The experience feels like the 20th century. It is surprising, given the vast audience.

If I am logged in as both me and the page, FB goes into an endless loop wanting to redraw.

The page has two management suits, “Dashboard” and “Meta,” with somewhat overlapping functions.

Connecting Instagram to FB took days; it was failing with an alert and assured me the developers would be notified. Right.

I can only post to both FB and Instagram from “Meta.” I cannot drag the images into a box but have to select them.

The default for sharing is FB only, which I have to cancel. The default time and date is two days ahead. It offers to also share to FB groups but only lists a few.

Instagram accepts only specific aspect rations, so many images cannot go there.

Am I missing something? Why is this process so cumbersome?

If you have not seen my AI art created with Midjourney, please take a look at https://www.facebook.com/aibraingain. I have also uploaded the first “how-to” video on Youtube.


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