Where Is the AI Manual?

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Search on YouTube for chatgpt in 2 minutes and you will find hundreds of results. The web and Social Networks are full of “easy” explanations on how to work with the new AI.

However, many professionals, having tried, say, to create an engaging email with ChatGPT, quickly give up because of the unsatisfying quality. People are turned off by AI hallucinations as well. Indeed, AI is trained to predict the next word in a sentence, which has little to do with being truthful.

Where are the best ChatGPT manual or instructions on how to use it?

When you buy a shelf at IKEA, it comes with instructions to follow.

When you build a spaceship, there is a design to follow.

When we use software, we rely on documentation created by Technical Writers.

But there is no such thing as complete instructions for ChatGPT or any AI. It is black boxes to be investigated. Practice and sharing observations with others are essential.

There are AI “prompt builders,” in some how-to posts, but I think they are even less helpful in mastering AI than Boolean builders in learning advanced Google search. To use AI, you need to turn on your creativity.

Sourcers have been prepared to face AI as a black box because we often work with software with incomplete or wrong documentation. We approach software hands-on and figure out what to expect from it.

The largest business network search algorithm is a perfect example. My blog has many posts about it, including one on the hidden search operators. Here is how we figured out the never-documented operators: we guessed them and the arguments’ format, then tested them.

To master ChatGTP and other AIs, it is important to set your expectations and test out your theories. If AI generates a long, generic, and unimpressive email, you can work with it to perfect the message. Answers about current facts from Bing and Bard should be verified. If you do not give up and tame AIs, the results can be spectacular – and time-saving.

You can also ask ChatGPT to help write prompts for itself:


How Do You Learn to Write Efficient Prompts for ChatGPT?

  • Unlike a kitchen gadget or pre-AI software, ChatGPT has no instructions
  • Practice is vital – experiment!
  • Teach it using examples, provide background, and correct it in a dialog
  • Debug the prompt by verifying and assessing the output
  • Learn from peers and Social Media (but question everything)
  • Learn from AI itself

We have recently delivered “ChatGPT and AI for Sourcing and Recruitment;” a recording is available, and we plan to repeat the webinar.

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