AI Can Search But Not Source: More On AI-Search-Engine Integration

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At the beginning of this AI wave, services popped up that offered search engines and AI “integration,” like this:

There is no integration here other than combining results on the same screen. However, the latest developments in search-the-web-plus-AI tools are promising. It was welcome news that Bing is back with ChatGPT and the GPT-4 data has been updated to 2023. (I hope this stays in spite of the weekend news!) Check out our AI Chatbot Comparison Chart.

Algorithms behind major search-engine-AI integrations are complex and, to a large extent, unknown. Practice, discussions, and trusted newsletters will help us navigate them. But, say, ask Bing to source profiles of people with certain skills and experience, and it will, in most cases, either refuse or hallucinate. (Most AIs do not feel enthusiastic, particularly, about reading LinkedIn profiles.)

However, there are ways to combine search engines’ results and AI “on your own,” having clarity about the process. It is similar to scraping and processing search results but can be much smarter and faster with the right prompts. The approach can be customized in many concrete circumstances.

Utilizing AI and Search Engines in Candidate Sourcing

Search Engines: They provide an extensive range of basic candidate information, pulling from professional networks, publications, and online profiles. Their utility lies in initial data aggregation.

AI Tools like GPT: These tools offer a nuanced analysis. AI interprets and evaluates a candidate’s professional nuances, assessing skills and cultural alignment more deeply than surface-level data.

Integrated Approach: Begin with search engines for broad data collection. Then, apply AI for detailed analysis. For instance, in technical roles, search engines identify candidates with relevant backgrounds, while AI evaluates project intricacies and technological adaptability.

Summary: Search engines offer volume; AI provides insight. Combined, they form an effective strategy for informed candidate sourcing.

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