LinkedIn X-Ray Workaround

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The loss of LinkedIn X-Ray saddens our community. Indeed, we can no longer find the About, Experience, and more on Google. Bing will naturally follow.

However – here is a productive way to use the “remaining” X-Ray.

Step 1. Start with X-Rays for the location, job titles, and, optionally, companies, like “san francisco bay area” python developer at google.

Step 2. Collect the URLs from the search with Julia‘s brilliant Google Search Results Scraper.

Step 3. Use SalesQL’s bulk profile URL upload. Alternatively, use SeekOut or Phantombuster. (Beyond a limit, these tools are paid.)

Step 4. Download the enriched list. It has all the names, current companies, past companies, titles, and more, plus contact information.

Step 5. Filter the Excel file for promising profiles and review them on LinkedIn.

What are the benefits?

  1. As a result, you have an outreach email list that is highly personalizable. (Put the company name in the subject for a high opening rate.)
  2. Search results will not depend on your LinkedIn network or personal data. They can complement your LinkedIn searches.
  3. You can run the process regardless of your LinkedIn account type. You will not be blocked by LinkedIn, for sure.

That said, correctly searching on LinkedIn is crucial. Unfortunately, LinkedIn’s help documentation is incomplete and misleading,

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