The Adventures of X-Ray Are Mysterious

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I have “Saved As” my public LinkedIn profile, and it looks like this:

This is my “Experience” and “Education.” Nothing much is visible without logging in. A large percentage of profiles look the same.

But things are in flux on the web.

Google LinkedIn X-Ray is back!

Mike Santoro has noticed. We think it is temporary.

In his post, Marcel has a screenshot of this search, pulling words from my now-hidden public LinkedIn profile: social list elsevier sourcing training verge brain gain. Here is Marcel’s image;  Google could not find me two weeks ago.

Here is today’s screenshot. Google has reverted to the previous Index state of the page! I believe it is currently true for all public profiles.  You will find them all.

Custom Search Engines have not been affected all along. Yet.

Bing finds me, but without a name (and finds my two partners):

It shows me again on page 3, with a location of “45K followers:”

Locations are pretty messed up in Bing’s snippets for most profiles.

It’s unclear what has happened with Google’s Index. Common sense dictates that Google and Bing will adjust to redacted profiles in the future.

It’s an adventure! To search on LinkedIn correctly, consider getting a recording of the recent class,

LinkedIn 2024 Solved.




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