Death of LinkedIn X-Ray, What Next?

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Guest post from Ashfaq Ahmed.

I got on a call with Irina & David & we discussed how sourcing will be impacted in the Post- X-Ray era.

First things first, why were we able to access LinkedIn via Xray before? Because when you’ve logged out from LinkedIn and visited a profile via Google, the profile data was more or less similar to what you saw when logged in.

Now, LinkedIn didn’t want scrapers or even Recruiters to access their data from search engines, and thereby, they changed the UI of Public Profiles by hiding almost all crucial data.

Sourcing Tools :

This change will not affect Large enterprise sourcing tools because they never relied on Google/Xray for scraping data at scale. Most Sourcing tools buy data from large data providers like Brightdata and others.

Recruiters :

In the post-x-ray world, if recruiters have to master something at all, then it is their foundational sourcing. Knowing to write a good boolean is just one step, and the others are – strong personal understanding + Big Data Concepts in Sourcing.

The Big Data concept is nothing but the ability to write mutually exclusive searches for a given JD. For instance, you write Devops & you spot 10,000 candidates. Can you slice this data into 10 search buckets, each consisting of 1000?

Such data slicing helps you organize your sourcing approach & classify your data based on the efficacy of results.

In the next post, I will touch on the details of how to implement big data concepts with an efficacy framework. Meanwhile, want to test your tech sourcing skills? Take up a couple of quizzes right here:


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