Webinars – March 2009

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The webinar schedule has been finalized! Click on the titles below to register or read about the webinars HERE, under the tab “Webinars”.

All webinar participants will get:
1) a copy of the presentation;
2) a one-page cheatsheet of the presentation;
3) unlimited Q&A over email for one month after the presentation .

Boolean Strings for the Web – Level I (Beginner-Intermediate) 3/19 1pm PST

Boolean Strings for the Web – Level II (Intermediate) 3/20 noon PST

 Secret Advanced Web Sourcing Techniques – Level III 3/24 noon PST

LinkedIn Sourcing with a Free Account (All Levels) 3/26, 1pm PST

I always find Irinas post, class-rooms, blogs and webinars very informative. Rich in content and generally focused on pushing the envelop in sourcing techniques“, David Sadler, on Talentbar