Webinars – April 2009

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Click on the titles below to register or read about the webinars HERE, under the tab “Webinars”.

All webinar participants will get:
1) a copy of the presentation;
2) a one-page cheatsheet of the presentation;
3) unlimited Q&A over email for one month after the presentation .

Boolean Strings for the Web – Level I (Beginner-Intermediate)  4/8 (Wed) 8am PDT

Boolean Strings for the Web – Level II (Intermediate) 4/10 (Fri) 8am PDT

Feedback from participants:  “Dear Irina,  Thank you for providing the Webinar and all you are doing to educate and help your fellow recruiters.  I felt I got a lot from the Webinar, you cut through all the material, all of us or at least me, have been trying to keep up with, reading and bookmarking etc. and provided a single focus point. Namely a great starting place to build our knowledge and understanding. It was what I needed, someone knowledgeable in the field (you) to say, start here and practice and practice and grow from there. I am grateful.” Paul
“On a scale of 10 I would rate your webinars a 9 for an abundance of information that I would never known existed but for you.” Toby
“I just knew you would be a thoughtful and considerate presenter as you laid out the presentation just right, without rushing anything and reiterating the most important things to remember.” Rosemary
“The webinar really cleared up some things for me, and enhanced my understanding.” Rob
“This is great stuff and exactly what I was looking for!” Brian

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