Reliable Email Address Verification

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How do you find someone’s email address? Using the symbol @ in searches on Google is useless since it’s ignored along with most of the special characters. We know ways to figure out a company email pattern via clever Google searches using the asterisk * (ask Gary Cozin ).

Unfortunately, our methods may not work in some cases. Besides, some companies, even large ones, don’t have a consistent pattern.

Here’s how to see which one of your guesses about someone’s email address is correct – in case the person is a LinkedIn member.

1. Enter ALL of your guesses into a text or a CSV file.

2. Upload it to LinkedIn as “Imported contacts”. (Don’t invite anybody! This may not be a good idea.)

3. Check out your “Imported contacts”.  See which email was the right one?

(By the way I am happy to connect on LinkedIn; see my profile.)

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  1. offers a tool specifically designed for email verification, albeit one at a time. They also offer a bulk solution which is about $175 and does not seem to have a great UI. There are a number of bulk verification software packages out there that are more reasonably priced at $100 or less.

    1. Yes, Shawn, thanks for the reply. I agree, it’s a very useful tool.
      Unfortunately some mail servers just wouldn’t let any tool – including mailtester – to find out who is in there. (It’s a setting by the internal mail server administrator.) is another great site that does searches for given emails (one at a time though). I suppose it’s best to use a variety of tools to double-check your data.

      With the above method we are able to check up to 3,000 email addresses at a time – free. The caveat is that the person must be on LinkedIn and must not forget to update an obsolete email address, so some mis-matches are inevitable.

      1. You need to clear cache using CCleaner, then you can source or search as long as if you the problem do the same.

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