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Open Groups on LinkedIn is a great idea! (I have been long complaining how I wanted at least job posts on groups to be open to all.) Open groups add valuable content to the “surface”, searchable web.

There are several ways recruiters can benefit from the new feature. Here are a couple of suggestions.

1. When you post a job on an open group it’s given a static URL that you can then share on your LI status, FB, Twitter, – and also with individuals and on other groups. Just make sure that you “mark the item as a job” if you share on another group.

(Did you notice that sharing on LinkedIn now allows to enter email addresses, along with picking recipients from your list contacts? This is another fantastic, though somewhat buggy, feature.)

2. Note how the static URLs of the posts on open groups are generated. They pick words from the group name for groups and from the discussion titles for posts. Therefore, we can search for open groups like this, for example:

site: inurl:boolean strings

and for discussions or job posts like this:

site: inurl:recruiting send OR apply OR submit

You might want to create titles for your discussions and jobs that contain good keywords, since search engines give higher weights to words in URLs when ranking.

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  1. Great information regarding the new open groups. I wish the URLS were more easily found. So far I have not seen much int he way of good resources for tracking which pages are being indexed and which are not.

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