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[Sorry – this offering has been discontinued; check the download page for available materials]

While I can’t possibly support hundreds of people who requested the “top 25 search strings”, here I am offering affordable support and advice. The list of strings alone may not be that helpful; it doesn’t contain instructions as to how to use it.

Here is a way for you to get to the next level in your Internet sourcing skills and Boolean search online. If you do use advanced search but don’t get “the right” results, here’s a chance to start getting them!

This is an excellent value for beginner-to-intermediate sourcers and recruiters.

For only $29 I am offering

The Sourcer Starter Set:

  • Slides for the webinar “Boolean Strings and Beyond” (40+ slides)
  • Slides for the webinar “Customizing the Top 25 Strings” (40+ slides); the updated list of Boolean strings is included (added short comments on the strings)
  • One month of email support

Please note: you will have to practice daily to make good use of the “starter set”.

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  1. I just made the purchase and added note about which email to use.
    Thanks for the offer
    Will this come via email / internet or in the mail

  2. Hello I just paid for this, through pay pal and not really needing it to be sent to my address. So I am wondering will this kit be sent to my email address ?
    Thank you,

  3. Hi Irina,

    I just purchased the starter kit. Can you email it to me and how long until I should expect to see it?



  4. Hi Irina,

    I just purchased the starter kit. could you please let me know how long until I should expect to see it?

    Also what will be the cost of buying three together Boolean Strings Basics, Social Media Sourcing and Google-Based Sourcing as Twitter in no more there.



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