10+ Changes on #LinkedIn and What They Mean to You – Webinar

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[The webinar is over. Please check the Downloads section for available training materials, or let me know if you’d want to arrange training on related topics.]


LinkedIn is a fantastic resource for finding candidates, referrals, jobs, new business, and making your business known. It is not a smooth ride for us since LinkedIn keeps changing in all sorts of ways. Information visible to people outside LinkedIn and to search engines keeps changing. Information available for review and for search for members, both free and premium, keeps changing. There are lots of new features and it’s not always clear what is truly useful, how search works, whether a particular feature is still there, and how altogether to make the most out of LinkedIn.If you are curious, or puzzled, or frustrated, or excited, or just heard a new gossip about LinkedIn changes and want to be clear of what will make a difference in your work, how to work around partially lost functionality and how to take advantage of new additions, this webinar is for you. Outline

Keeping Up with LinkedIn Changes
– Is it time to upgrade your account?
Changes and What They Mean to You
– Skills Search and Skills X-Ray
– The Nuances of Sharing and Cross-Posting
– Jobs vs. Career Discussions
– Taking Advantage of Open Groups
– The Interesting Company Search Feature
– Public Profiles for Companies
– How to Message Group Members
– What’s New with X-Raying & Profile Privacy
– Group Moderation Complexities
– How to Invite the Right People to Connect
– List of Other Important Changes
Secret Productivity Tips and Tricks [Demos] Resources

Date: Wednesday, March 23rd
Time: noon EST/ 9AM PST
Length: 90 minutes
Cost: $79 includes the slides and ONE MONTH of support over email (please wait 10 sec after registering to get to the

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