The Rumor on Sending Messages On #LinkedIn

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Can you still send a message to any group member on LinkedIn, no matter what the type of your account is and whether the person is your 2nd or 3rd level connection?

The answer is YES; so far you still can. Want to know how? Read on.

When we search for people, we used to see the “send message” link handy across the name of the fellow group member. This happens no more:

Of course, InMails is a great tool but it costs money while messaging is free.

When this change occurred, many of us could see that useful “send message” link when we click through to the profile. In most cases, now this doesn’t happen either:

But it’s not time to give up yet! You can still send a message. Here are two options.

1. Find the person in the group you both belong to and you will see the desired link to your right:

2. Figure out the person’s LinkedIn ID…

… and send a message using “sending a message link” with the ID inserted:

(Please note, this will only let you send messages to your fellow group members or your first level connections; inserting a random user ID in the URL above is not going to let you send a message.)

Hope this helps!


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