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To learn more about LinkedIn from this post, simply start at the home pageLog out of LinkedIn and you will then see some extra links of interest at the bottom of the page.

I already wrote about the LinkedIn titles in a recent post. The Title Directory provided on the LinkedIn home page doesn’t have the search function, but you can navigate using searches like this.

Another welcome addition is the LinkedIn Updates page. Before this page surfaced on the open web, all we could do is notice the 1st level connections’ updates and recommendations given to and given by the 1st level connections – that is, while we are logged in.

Are you a recruiter? Guess who is likely to update their LinkedIn profile! To view more updated profiles, you can either go through the pages listing updated profiles, using the LinkedIn navigation, or search on Google and (important!) view cached pages.

The Groups Directory shows the open groups (I think; it seems just a little buggy). We couldn’t previously search for open groups. Yet another positive change is that all discussions for the open groups are now on the surface web. To explore that, look at an open group URL while you are still logged out.

Want to do some SEO for your site or for your job posts? Create an open group and share the URLs in the discussions. You can automate that by submitting a news RSS feed to the group.

It seems to me that before the IPO LinkedIn was moving more data into the deep web (and charging for it), and now it’s doing the opposite, bringing some data to the surface web. Hope they will continue doing this! It’s good for us and, I am sure, it does an extra marketing job for LinkedIn.

It’s time to update your X-ray “cheat sheets” if you keep them.

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