How to Search for Google Plus Profiles

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Searching for Google-plus profiles is no problem at all, whether you are already on Google-Plus or not. Here’s a direct link to a sample search:

Search for people on Google-Plus

– and please compare this with

Search for Google Profiles

See the difference? I have changed just one symbol in the search URL. The latter search returns both Google profiles and Google-plus profiles.

Unlike Google-profiles most Google-plus-profiles have a link to “send an email”. It’s a sourcer’s paradise!

The search for people returns up to 1,000 results. (I think they could do better here.)

We can also X-ray Google-Plus, but apparently Google has not indexed all Google profiles yet (ha!), so people search returns better results. Advanced search operators do work in the dialog. There’s one very subtle difference in the search results display: instead of “Google+” – which is the page title – they show “Google Profile“.

Note: You will not be able to find me on Google Plus (yet).