Today’s Sourcing Contest/Quiz!

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Announcing a Sourcing Contest/Quiz. (It’s not easy!)

Please post your answers as replies to this post.

Replying only to some questions, and replying several times is allowed. Repeating someone’s correct answer is fine but will score lower, unless you add some nice explanations or examples. (So the sooner you get some answers in, the more advantage you have!) Repeating an incorrect answer will give you disadvantage. You do not have to answer all questions to win; correct, well explained answers is what we’ll be looking for.
The winner will be announced next week.
The prize is either a 1 hour sourcing training with me, or two guest passes to future sourcing webinars (the winner’s choice). The winner will be featured on the Network.


1. What profile information can you search for by X-raying LinkedIn on Google and cannot using LinkedIn people search (at any level of LinkedIn people search –including the advanced search on LinkedIn Recruiter)? Please give an example.
2. What search string would create different results on Yahoo and Bing (would do something useful in the search box and would not on
3. What % of posts on “open” groups on LinkedIn can be indexed by search engines?
4. What can you search for, using a Google custom search engine, that you cannot using the Google search? [Bonus: is there a way to search on Bing using a Google’s CSE?] 5. What are the differences between search results you get by X-raying Google-plus (site: <keywords>) and searching within Google-plus (on )?
6. If you searched on Google and it shows (about) 13,000 results found, what (if anything) can you conclude from that?
7. How is search on Google for “*” (plus some keywords) different from searching for “*\” ? You can replace “Accenture” for a company name of your liking. Please explain and give an example.
8. How would you X-ray LinkedIn (on either Google or Bing) to find profiles of sales managers with MBA selling software, located near Chicago, who have a phone number mentioned in their profile?
9. Is it possible that a public LinkedIn profile would show more info than a profile viewed by a LinkedIn member who is logged in?
10. Take a look at the Google help page . What special character that used to be in Google’s cheat sheet is not listed anymore and why?
11. If you have someone’s profile on LinkedIn, what are some ways to find the person’s email address?

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