Boolean Strings for Beginners (Webinar)

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[the slides, the handouts for this webinar, and a video recording are available (for a limited time) for $79; one-month support is included]

The class is for those who search for people (candidates, business connections) on the Internet.

Who would benefit: sourcers, recruiters, human resources professionals, hiring managers, sales, marketing, and business development professionals;  all those who would like to experience less frustration and more satisfaction and fun while looking people up on the web.

Learn – or review – the basics of the Boolean search on the Internet:
• How to pick the right keywords and phrases
• How to add the most useful search engine operators and special characters
• What to do if you get no results, the wrong results, or too many results
• How to get the right results quickly and painlessly.

The webinar comes with the slides, the updated annotated “25 Boolean Strings”, and one month of support over email, to encourage the participants to apply the skills in their daily work.

The webinar materials can serve as a basic reference guide for Boolean searches.

o The Basics of the Boolean Syntax
o Creating and Modifying Search Strings
o Sourcing Methodology
o Q&A

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