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If you search for people on LinkedIn you will see ten profiles per page. If you search within a group, it’s 20 profiles per page but it’s 10 again if you switch to advanced search. This seems pretty limiting.

Here are a couple of tricks that will let you see more.

Install Firefox if you don’t have it, and its add-on called Fastest Fox. (Even if you don’t care for this tip, it’s useful to have FireFox due to its rich collection of Add-Ons.)

1. Search within a group on LinkedIn. Scroll down, keep scrolling… you will be seeing new profiles as you scroll, 20 more at a time.

2. Search for people. Click on the first profile in the results and scroll down. You will be seeing profiles added to your page as you scroll, and you will end up seeing multiple people search results all on one page. (Then you can even disconnect from the web and go explore. Or, you could use a clever profile parser and get your profiles all sorted out in an excel file.)

P.S. By the way Fastest Fox also works with Bing search results.

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  1. Hi Irina,

    Thanks for sharing this. I have a quick question. I have followed your instructions and tried this. However, instead of having multiple profiles as I scroll down, I only have 1 extra profile. I have tried this a few times and it is always 1 extra profile.

    Would you happen to know what I am doing wrong?

    Thanks a lot in advance,

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