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The key in successful search is correctly imagining what you are going to find. I recently wrote how one can construct  a Boolean search string by knowing its “anatomy“.

Here’s another creative approach that may help us dig out additional good results.

This time, let’s imagine a page with a link pointing to what we are looking to find, say, someone’s resume. As an example, a web developer may have a blog about developing sites with a link to her resume on that blog.

So here’s a sample search to try:

“resume * PDF” “web developer” ajax css +javascript -jobs

Here are some variations:

(you get the idea).

This string below will look for profiles on LinkedIn with links to online resumes: “websites * * * resume” ajax css +javascript

You can also use this approach to look for pages with links to someone’s LinkedIn profile:

“linkedin profile” “web developer” ajax css +javascript

Above all, this technique helps to cross-reference information.



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