The 40+ Sourcing Tools We Cannot Live Without

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We’ve had a great list of tools contributed by 80+ members of the Boolean Strings LinkedIn group to the question:

“What are the sourcing tools you can’t live without? Please list some favorites.” and another 30 or so on the Boolean Ning Network –

I thought I’d list some of the tools I use daily, to add to the discussion. Of course, there’s some overlap with those listed already. I am only listing free tools here, or tools where there’s a nice free option. Here you go.

URL shortening

Storage and sharing

Browser Add-Ons (Chrome and FireFox)

  • Fastest Chrome
  • Fastest Fox
  • Clickable Links
  • iMacros

“Manage search engines” in Chrome

Parsing, Filtering, and Sorting

Search Engines

Custom Search Engines

Here are some CSE’s we’ve built:

People and Company search

Real Time Search

Past Search


Job Sharing

And finally,

General Purpose (thanks to Martin Lee for contributing!)

  • Coffee Mug

Please let me know if I missed something really cool. Thanks!

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