Temporary Errors on #LinkedIn

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When I was a Software Engineer at a biotech company years ago, one day we got a new manager whose background was not software but Biology. She walked in and asked us: “So, when can we expect to have no software bugs in the application you guys are building?”

Are you kidding? Anybody who deals with building software systems knows that some bugs are always there. Modern software is interactive and takes in a variety of data. It’s virtually impossible to test all possible user actions on any data set and any supported software platform. However, since the old days, the Quality Assurance field has also gathered clever tools that can automate testing and can provide collaboration between test engineers and developers. By all means it’s possible to clean up any commercial system to the extent where bugs are rare exceptions.

We use LinkedIn daily. It’s the professional network with wonderful features, the largest self-entered set of data on professional people, and friendly, safe environment to interact on business matters. Its code quality could be improved though. To explain what I mean I have pasted some images from my work last Friday.

(Don’t take me wrong, I love LinkedIn! I have a paid account and feel it’s money well spent. I just felt like complaining a bit, hoping that some QA folks will hear.) Here you go.

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