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TheSocialCV (“Organizing the world’s largest real-time global talent pool.”) is also a candidate to be the Dream Software. Not only do they have crawled over 100 MLN profiles (comparable to LinkedIn), their profiles come from dozens of places, are in many languages, and they are applying semantic search process when they crawl.

 While they are based in the UK, they collect profiles from around the world.

(The usual disclaimer: This is paid software, I am not affiliated.)

It was interesting to learn that the word “social” is more than just a pointer to social network profiles. The majority of theSocialCV activity collecting data is based on “social” triggers. They start searching when someone posts a status update. As an example, if a Java developer tweets about some cool Java code, they would scan all of the multiple sources for other profiles for the person and create a new record. The semantic algorithms would distinguish between Java as a programming language, coffee, and the island. (Please note, the task of cross-referencing, especially for people with common names, is very difficult.)

TheSocialCV has another semantic search component, for their own database. You can search for “top law schools”, “top consulting firms”, etc. (I believe has these types of searches.) They also have the NEAR operator. This is work in progress, but currently the OR operator is the default (as opposed to familiar search places like Google, Bing, and LinkedIn). NEAR has unusual syntax like this: “web developer” ~3 means web within 3 words from developer.

They have the ability to save searches and to place profiles in folders that can be exported or shared within a team. Saving in a folder currently happens only one profile at a time.

You can currently connect your Twitter and Facebook profiles (more to come) and potentially message your connections.

Great stuff, and a pretty ambitious team!

What made me wonder though, is how updating a status is related to someone being a potential candidate. I definitely expect a candidate for all Social Media Marketing Managers to do that, but what about Accountants or Registered Nurses? If updating a profile (on LinkedIn, especially) can be a trigger as well, that would make it even more valuable, I think.

Of course, their success depends on expanding the coverage, successful cross-referencing/merging records, and making the UI work for us across industries and geographies.

Take a look at someone with a very rich profile:

Here’s the best part: we are planning on a Sourcing Event/Contest on the Boolean Strings Network that will let everyone try them out. Watch for announcements!

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