How to Find Software Engineers for Your Openings

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Software Engineers are in high demand these days, at least in some geographical areas like the San Francisco Bay Area and for some “hot” skills like Java/mobile engineering. However, it is not easy to find true software engineering talent anywhere.

Here are some suggestions.


  • For better search, make sure you know how software engineering terms relate to each other. As an example, Java and JavaScript are two very different skills. A person who is a C++ developer will definitely know C, but may not know some specific C libraries. Front End is like User Interface. Back End usually goes along with Server. Perl and Python are both scripting languages. A person who works with J2EE certainly knows Java but may lack some core Java skills. The Linux operating system is a variation of UNIX.
  • Some skills, while being required on the job description, are unimportant, go with the job, and shouldn’t be included in search. I am talking about systems to track bugs, or to track software versions.
  • Some skills are hard to search for because the words are so common; an example would be a Windows Engineer. In cases like this use keywords that are specific, such as Win32.

Places. Here are just a few places where you might want to look for developers, when you start getting desperate:

  • The search engine Blekko has slashtags for a large variety of programming languages, along with a /people tag. Check it out.
  • Browse your local Meetup groups.
  • Definitely look on Google+.
  • Github has contact info for many folks but is hard to search. Few people know that it allows resume search via its API. To access resumes, hire a coder or use TalentBin.
  • Try
  • Look for specific mailing lists, forums, yahoo and Google groups. The logos above give you an idea of what those places can be about.

If all else fails please give us a call at Brain Gain Recruiting!

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