Two Custom Search Engines: Document Finders

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Do you have the time to search for each type of document and on every document storage site? Here are two Custom Search Engines to help with that:

The first search engine searches for documents of several most popular formats: PDF, Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and Text. I’ll be adding more later. Those who are fluent in Boolean search know that files of these formats that are uploaded to the open web can be found using the operator filetype: on Google and on Bing.

Did you know, however, that many files of a certain format cannot be found through the filetype: operator? There are document storage sites such as scribd and slideshare that have thousands of those documents, but URLs for those do not have the extensions like .PDF or .docx

Here is the second search engine that searches across 12 most popular document storage sites:

I haven’t seen CSE’s that do this. You can search across all the sites for resumes quickly and free of charge; besides, there are some resume to be found without using Boolean operators.



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